Cullinan Diamond Tours

Transport with pick up and drop off is provided from your hotel or guest lodge in Johannesburg, Sandton or Pretoria to the world famous South African Cullinan Diamond Mine. With the Cullinan diamond mine tour, you will visit a mine where a diamond of 3106 Carats were discovered in 1905. Only 9 meters from the surface. This jewel was named after the mine's owner, it was then sold to the Transvaal government and went on to be presented to King Edward VII on his 66th Birthday.  Due to its massive size it was cut into 96 smaller diamonds and nine major pieces. Another interesting fact is that the jewel was posted in a tin box all the way from Africa to England, a fake one was made and send under armed guard by ship just to throw the criminal elements of track should someone decided to steal it on its journey. This mine is also the world's biggest source of exceptionally rare blue quality diamonds. More than a quarter of the world's diamonds has been produced from here. Not only is the attraction the diamond mine, but the beautiful setting of the victorian town of Cullinan. You will also see the big hole which is 4 times bigger than the Kimberley hole which is situated in the Northern Cape. The difference between the two is that the Kimberley hole was dug by hand whereas the hole at Cullinan was mechanically dug. A hard basalt rock layer stopped the open pit workings and therefore it was decided to go underground and so underground mining commenced. Your guide will guide you on the way as you pass through various areas of interest. Driving through diary farms and open farmland will keep you interested. Even past an old italian prisoner of war memorial site. This is one of the only working mines in South Africa that allows people to see the operations and life and history by means of a guided tour. From small groups depending on the bookings to almost a private tour. Amazing experiences are felt in this place and a number of people say this was time well spent. Africa has numerous mineral mines but not one so open for travel that provides the service you receive, and the opportunity to see how this quality gem is brought up from the surface, through the various processes to the end product in the jewelery store that allows you to browse in privacy. A little museum and the village is also a must see.

You'll have the option of a cullinan surface tour or a cullinan underground tour. A surface tour comprises a nine minutes DVD, a model of an underground tunnel, the mine shaft, the hoist room and big hole. The tour lasts for 1 and half to 2 hours. With the surface tour you will go on the back of an open vehicle very similar to a open safari vehicle. This is one of the best methods to see the mine with all the different operational areas and buildings. You will also get an aerial view of the mine from the top of the mine tailings. Right next to a dam that is known as the biggest processing dams in the southern hemisphere. On a clear day you might even see the Capital City Pretoria. The underground mine tour takes about 4 hours. Visitors are provided with safety clothes, such as overalls, safety shoes, socks and helmets. After a short safety video, you are then taken down to the level of 763 meters. You will then walk to other levels with your highly experienced guide where you will see the ore being tipped, crushed and hoisted up. You also visit the administration offices and workshop underground. Just be ready to do quite a bit of walking. Our Premier diamond tours are a real favorite.
After visiting the mine, you will get to visit the Cullinan diamond mine market for an unforgettable diamond jewellery shopping experience. Drive through the beautiful town of Cullinan, and finally return to your hotel or guest lodge in Johannesburg, Sandton or Pretoria.

Cullinan Diamond Mine Tour
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