Welcome to Deeprift Ventours

Do you want to build a snowman in summer?
Have you ever touched a lion or walked with an elephant?
Do you want to see Africa's wildlife living in a 1200-year-old extinct volcano?
Breathed in the sweet african air, tasted the untamed wildness that remains unchanged for millenia?
Or have you ever just watched an African sunset surrounded by magnificent animals?
We can make it all happen. If you are on the lookout for new experiences and unforgetable memories, please have a look through our website because only your satisfaction will be good enough for us. Deeprift Ventours gives you the client excellent value for money South African tours, safaris and airport transfers. We apply our services to a broad spectrum of clientele. From the business client wanting to experience a one day getaway, families visiting South Africa on a holiday, organized tour groups and various other interesting and memorable people. We believe in our clients safety and satisfaction. No requirement is too big or too small.

All our tours are operated by registered tour guides, drivers with all the necessary licence requirements and vehicles with road transport permits as required by law.

With us you will explore the depths of our valleys and the rifts of our mountains, you will see the beauty of our flora and the wildness of our fauna and you will experience the lives and cultures of the land and its people. With us you will find variety, passion and knowledge.